What to Do with Old Garden Hoses?

What to Do with Old Garden Hoses

Garden hoses often leak, tear, or get destroyed to the point that they cannot serve their original function. You might think that it is worthless since you have left it lying around or you want to throw it away.

These old hoses are very useful so do not let them waste away. A creative mind can bring out the best in everything and in this case, the gold out of the old.

The making of beautiful portable baskets, colorful benches, and protecting your hand from injuries among other reuses are important uses for old garden hoses.

What to Do with Old Garden Hoses?

Tearing or leaking of garden hoses should not render these old garden hoses to waste. You should instead use this reality to your advantage.

1. Use it to make garden baskets and mats

Garden baskets can be made out of old garden hoses. These baskets are very functional as they can be used to carry seedlings and vegetables.

The secret, therefore, is using your creativity and wiring up the old hose to make a nice basket. The size of the basket will depend on the purpose to which you want the basket to serve.

Don’t throw away your torn hoses; it can bring out the best garden baskets and mats.

Instead of purchasing baskets in shops and budgeting mats, you can cut all those expenses by reusing the available materials back in your home.

Doormats shed mats, and gardens are necessities that many people cannot live without.

Repurpose the old hoses by twisting them skillfully or even better call for help from an expert to design you a better piece.

2. Flower vases and wreaths

Uses for Old Garden Hoses make very beautiful flower vases and wreaths. You can coil the hoses into a wreath and shape out the ugly edges if the hoses are too old.

Depending on the desired size of the wreath, decorate it with a theme. Make use of tools, old gloves, and other readily available materials to bring out a unique wreath.

The wreaths are a cheap way to decorate your compounds, fences, walls, and gardens. Flower vases created out of old hoses are very attractive.

The technique used in this case will contribute to the best outcome. If your hoses are discolored you can always paint them to bring out a new look.

Wiring these hoses result in admirable art that can even earn you money if perfectly and creatively done to attract buyers.

The vases can be placed in the kitchens, dining rooms, and gardens among other places.

3. Making Doorstop

Old garden hoses serve the function of doorstops. In your home, it is expected that maintaining a door open can be quite problematic to the extent that you may need to use stone, paper, or other materials to stop the door.

This problem is solved by the use of the old garden hoses.

Cut a part of the rubber and flatten it with the palm of your hands. Slide the flattened hose underneath the door and let go of the garden hose.

Immediately the hose will expand in order to go back to its initial shape to which it will fill the gap in the door. The door will be at a halt.

4. Using Plant supports

Hoses are the perfect material to be used as supporters of plants with weak stems. 

Plants such as climbing trees or those that have undergone partial breakage need support in order for them to grow.

Hoses, therefore, provide this security without harming these plants as the hoses do not cause friction marks against the plants.

5. Using a sprinklers system

Old hoses often have holes that make it easier for them to be converted into sprinklers. To do this all you need is a nail or a sharp object.

Simply drill along the hoses in order to increase the number of holes. Seal one end of the hose or hose while the other end connects to the source of water.

Sealing prevents water from escaping while increasing the pressure which facilitates dripping. Watering of the garden flowers, vegetables among other plants will be efficiently done through this creative method.

6. Hand tools protectors

Old garden hoses as hand protectors are a magnificent idea. Carrying heavy tools, swinging with the bare hand, and handling metal objects among other common activities cause injuries to the hands.

The injuries which are uncomfortable may even bar you from performing your normal duties.

The hoses can be cut into short lengths then used as bucket handles and also be attached to swing chains.

While carrying heavy tools you can use the hoses to protect your hands by fitting the rubber on the handling point of the tool.

7. Use it to make a bench or seats

Old hoses can make really beautiful and appealing hose benches and seats. The length of the hoses will be valuable in this matter because the longer the hoses then the more benches can be created.

If you have a shorter hose then collecting from your neighbors can be a good idea. Interestingly garden hoses come in various colors to which you can use to your advantage.

An explicit design depending on one’s preference can bring out beautiful artwork.

Framing would require an old bench, wood, logs, or other materials as advised by your carpenter. Nails would be used to tighten the hoses.

The rubber would serve as a cushion to the hose benches and unique patterns can be made out of it. These seats can be used for in-house receptions, garden benches, and pool benches among other preferable setups.


Making the best out of what you have is the secret to success. From decoration to protecting oneself, Garden Hoses have proved to be very useful in our daily lives.

If you have been contemplating throwing away your old hoses, then the above points have shown you otherwise.

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