How to Spread Manure Without a Spreader?

For many decades, manure has been spread with a manure spreader. This has led to the development of the modern-day “long-fellow” type of spreader.

A new invention is called the “Balletto” which is a type of manure spreader that can be used without electricity.

The Balletto is a new mechanical device that can be used to collect and then distribute animal manure.

The operation is simple and it does not require any electrical power source. It only needs manual labor for use on small farms.

What is Manure?

Manure is a type of organic matter consisting of animal feces and urine.

The term generally applies to the dung from domesticated animals such as cattle, horses, donkeys, or pigs.

How to Spread Manure Without a Spreader?

Step 1. Choose the Right Kind of Manure

Manure is a great natural fertilizer. The manure you choose should depend on what you are planting and what kind of soil you have.

Step 2. Understand How to Collect It Properly

The most important thing is to keep safety in mind. You’ll want to wear gloves, goggles, and a mask when gathering manure.

Avoid getting manure on any animals or the immediate environment. There are many ways of collecting manure, but it’s important to remember that you can’t get too much!

Step 3. Transfer the Dung to the Area To Be Fertilized

The third step in our process of how to move manure without a trailer is transferring the dung from the tractor to the area to be fertilized.

This can be done by using a tractor with no trailer attachment or by using a shovel.


A farmer needs to spread manure on his farm. Normally, the farmer would use a manure spreader to do this. But what if the manure spreader is broken?

The conclusion to “how to spread manure without a spreader” would be:

In this case, he has two options: hire someone else to do it for him or come up with a way of spreading the manure without a spreader.

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