Do All Chainsaws Leak Oil?

When you first get your chainsaw, you may notice some drops of oil on the side of the bar or from underneath the engine.

While this seems like a problem at first, rest assured that it’s perfectly normal, and there’s no need to worry about it!

Chainsaws leak oil because chainsaws are designed to run on oil, not because they have some sort of defect or malfunction.

If you’re looking to learn more about chainsaw maintenance and what parts might need repair over time, check out our guide to learning how to fix your own chainsaw here.

Do All Chainsaws Leak Oil?

It’s an unfortunate fact that all chainsaws leak oil, even new ones. The amount that they leak varies by model, but it’s a phenomenon you can plan for and avoid.

This guide will show you how to check your chainsaw regularly so you can catch leaks before they become bigger problems.

If a saw starts leaking oil while in use, turn it off immediately and find out what went wrong.

Why Does My Chainsaw Leak Oil?

There are many reasons why a chainsaw may leak oil. It could be that you’re using dirty, old, or cheap gasoline. Perhaps your chain is loose and oil is leaking past it.

Maybe your gas cap isn’t on tightly enough to stop oil from evaporating into thin air. Either way, a chain saw won’t last long if you let it leak oil all over your garage floor!

Read on for some helpful tips on preventing your chainsaw from leaking oil.

How Do You Tell if Your Chainsaw Leaks Oil?

Have you ever noticed your chainsaw leaking oil while in use? Do you know what to look for to tell if it’s really leaking or not? Many people have misconceptions about what a leak is.

Here are some tips on how to spot if your chainsaw really is leaking or not.

First off, let’s start with an easy one: A lot of folks will notice their chain lubricant (chain bar oil) draining out of their saw during use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a leak!

The bar and chain naturally drip small amounts of lube throughout each job, and if you let it sit unused for long periods without re-lubing it will continue to drip out.

How Do You Fix it When Your Chainsaw does Leak Oil?

One thing that can be said about chainsaws is that they’re consistent in one area: there’s always some maintenance to do.

If you’re looking to properly maintain your chainsaw so it doesn’t leak oil, here are a few tips you can use.

Remember, before working on any chainsaw, make sure it is unplugged from its power source and drained of gasoline.

How do You Prevent if Your Chainsaw Leaks Oil?

The best way to prevent oil leaks is to regularly check and clean your chainsaw’s engine, including its crankcase.

The crankcase holds some of your chainsaw’s most important components. It also helps contain leaks if any should occur.

As such, it’s critical that you make sure your crankcase stays clean and undamaged. If you keep it in good condition, there will be fewer chances for leaks to occur down the line.


Maybe you’ve heard, or maybe you haven’t, that chainsaws leak oil all over your garage floor.

That’s a myth. In fact, chainsaws don’t leak oil when they’re brand new and are being used correctly.

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