Can I Use Motor Oil for Chainsaw?

If you are wondering if you can use motor oil to lubricate your chainsaw, the answer is yes but only under certain circumstances.

In general, it’s much better to invest in high-quality chain lubricant specifically made for chainsaws, as it’s more effective and less expensive than motor oil in the long run.

However, if you don’t have access to proper chain oil, motor oil can be used as an alternative in an emergency.

Always check with your specific model of a chainsaw before using any lubricant on it, because some models are not compatible with motor oil at all!

What is the Difference Between Motor and Chain Oil?

There is not a lot of difference between motor and chain oil, as both are intended to lubricate chainsaws.

However, motor oil will be less viscous than chain oil, so it might not work as well in cold weather.

When looking at oils, look at additives such as detergents and dispersants; these additives can be good at cleaning dirt off your saw’s bar but might also affect how well your oil works.

Can I Use Motor Oil for Chainsaw?

It is important to keep your chainsaw running efficiently. Regularly changing engine oil is an essential part of that process.

Your chainsaw won’t run well if you don’t perform regular maintenance on it, including keeping your chain and bar lubricated with motor oil.

But what happens when you have a fire in your woodpile? Will pouring motor oil over flaming logs work like water does when you try to put out a campfire? The answer is yes, but there are several factors involved.

How to Use Motor Oil for Chainsaws?

Most manufacturers recommend using special lubricants designed specifically for chainsaws. However, as long as you don’t let motor oil get on your hands or your clothing, it is generally safe to use in a pinch.

Just be sure to clean up any spills immediately and use a high-quality chain cleaning device after each use.

Benefits of Using Motor Oil for Chainsaw

When you think of motor oil, you might picture it in a bottle. However, did you know that using motor oil for chainsaws is an option and there are some benefits to doing so?

You should consult your owner’s manual to see if it is safe before use and keep in mind that we are not responsible if something happens during use.

Here are some of the advantages associated with using motor oil in your chainsaw: 1) You Save Money- It is cheaper than buying specialty lubricants for your saw.

Things to Consider When Using Motor Oil for Chainsaw

Your chainsaw is designed to run on a specific type of oil. Though some people might say that you can use motor oil in your chainsaw, it’s always better to stick with what your manufacturer recommends.

Otherwise, you could damage your saw or put yourself at risk if there are contaminants in regular motor oil.

Is There Any Way to Limit Motor Oils Fumes When Used in Chainsaws?

If your chainsaw uses motor oil and you are worried about its fumes, then there is a good way to cut down on them.

Changing your saw’s oil can help reduce fumes and create a healthier work environment for you.

If you notice that your saw has started acting sluggish or has trouble starting, it might be time to change out your oil.

Check with your owner’s manual or talk to someone at a local repair shop if you have any questions.

Is it Safe to Use Motor Oil for Chainsaws?

A lot of people claim it’s possible to use motor oil for chainsaws, and that it will help your chain last longer. While it is possible to use motor oil to lubricate a chain saw, most expert chainsaw workers advise against doing so.

While you could use an old jug of used motor oil sitting in your garage, it may not be worth risking damage to your expensive tool.

Maintenance Tips After Using Motor Oils in Gas-Powered Chain Saws

Whether you’re going to run it in your chainsaw or any other engine-powered tool, you need to check its compatibility with oil.

It may sound weird but some brands of motor oils are designed to use in vehicles, like car and truck engines, while others aren’t. In fact, they might damage your equipment is used.

What Should You Use Instead of Motor Oil for Chainsaws?

It’s an easy way to cut your costs on running a chainsaw, but can you use motor oil instead of bar and chain oil? It all depends on what type of oil you are using.

These liquids have very different properties. Many types of motor oils contain additives that won’t mix well with your chainsaw, leading to big problems.

In fact, mixing different types of lubricants can cause serious damage to your saw in a very short amount of time.


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what’s best to use when replacing or topping off your chain oil, but knowing exactly what your chain oil is made up of will help you make an informed decision.

The main components that make up commercial-grade chain oils are mineral oil, PAO (polyalphaolefin), and in some cases, esters.

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